Simple Truth Duet

We are a husband and wife duet. Steve Terwilliger and Carla Van Blake-Terwilliger.  We have been making music together for 7 years now.  Or goal is to continue doing so online and in person.  We are located in Albuquerque New Mexico.  We play Jazz, blues, pop, Gospel and original songs that we write.  Steve plays guitar, Carla does percussion and  both do vocals.  We love traveling to remote places, exploring and making music.



If you would like to hear and see us, please browse our live videos below.  We are available for virtual events only at this time.  Hopefully, in the near future we will also be able to do live-in-person events.  


Wilderness Series: Great Spaces in Remote places

Taos, NM

Wilderness Series - Great Spaces in Remote Places Taos,NM  "Tis Autumn"
Tis Autumn
Wilderness Series - Great Spaces in Remote Places Taos, NM "Trying Times"
Trying Times

Photo Gallery

Original Tunes

Saturday Morning - Original Song
Saturday Morning
Search in Your Heart - Original Song
Search in Your Heart

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