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I'm a singer, song writer, designer, mother and wife. Started singing at 3 and writing songs at 8. My parents sang in a gospel choir and taught me to sing harmonies with them at a very young age. Music has always been one of my strongest passions. Although my day job was engineering, my sanity was music. Many different things inspire me to write music; beauty, sadness, humor and love. Published my first collection of original tunes in 1993 and have published 2 more since then.  Aired my first original on the radio in 1993 (Skinny Women Can't Sing The Blues) and was featured in California Jazz Now as an upcoming jazz artist the same year. Released my first CD of contemporary Christian music in 2016. Released a new collection of jazz originals and my first jazz CD  in August 2018. Presently married to Steve Terwilliger, living and making music in Albuquerque, NM.  Have performed with Bobby Shew, Michael Anthony, John Rangel, Bert Dalton, Daniel Jackson, Sweet Baby J'ai and others both locally in Albuquerque, NM and in San Diego, CA.

Simple Truth Band:

Simple Truth is a band of musical friends and family.  Sometime we are a duet with just me and my husband, Steve, (see Simple Truth Duet on Facebook) but more often we are joined by our musically gifted friends. We play local events and venues here in New Mexico as well as out of state festivals and events.  We also enjoy playing at nursing homes and charity events. We support the Youth Jazz Collaborative, an organization of music educators, teachers, parents, professional musicians and young jazz musicians.  We include individuals from that organization in some of our major performances.  I am also one of the lead singers for their junior big band. 

In addition to secular events The Simple Truth Duet also does worship services and Christian music events.

My Jewelry Designs

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